Monday, October 17, 2016

10 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

 No matter the size of the home that you are living, there is always room for  Christmas Decor!

Twinkle lights hung from the ceiling and around doorways are perfect when space is at a premium.

No room for a tree? A little tabletop vignette with candles and greenery is appropriately festive.

Mistletoe is a Christmas classic that doesn't take up any space at all. All you need is a doorway (or ceiling).

I love the idea of leaning a wreath on a bar cart (or bookcase or dresser). No hanging required.

If having a tree is an absolute necessity, try a compact tabletop version. In this photo  a round table is the perfect perch for a petite tree.

If even a tabletop tree is out of the question, look even littler. Tree branches in vases on a tabletop or windowsill are a stylish solution.
 Christmas Decorations

With slightly larger branches, you can even add ornaments.

Drape a garland around a mirror or doorway.

If you've got a chandelier, it could be the perfect spot for a little holiday greenery.

A myriad of gold ornaments hanging from a chandelier can brighten up a small space.

And finally, if you haven't got a chandelier at all — why not just hang something from the ceiling? Think of it as a sort of upside-down Christmas tree.

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